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Rochester Mi Children Photographer

I had a lot of fun spending time with my niece and nephew this weekend. We did so many things. The especially enjoyed both petting and “tormenting” their kitty cousins! But, a visit to Aunt Jen’s house wouldn’t be complete without a photo shoot. With swimming at the beach as a bribe, we took a few pictures before they jumped into the water. I can certainly understand what photographers mean when they say it’s hard to photograph your own family. The beach and ice cream bribes almost didn’t work, lol! As a Rochester Mi Children Photographer, I had a blast with these two. I really caught their distinct little personalities in these pictures. But whew-it was a lot of work!

It can be somewhat hard when you don’t have anyone to help get their attention. It also isn’t a new thing to them, since I’ve been photographing them both since they were newborns! So, I want to share some tips on photographing multiple children who are in your family. Check them out below! But first, check out Liam’s newborn pictures when he was just 7 days old! You can see Claire’s newborn photography session by clicking on this link! It’s amazing how much they have changed!

Tips on Photographing Family

First, always remain calm and at peace. If you are impatient, it will only get the kids upset. I had to talk them a few times, calmly and gently, and explain to them why we were taking photos. We wanted to surprise their mommy. That seemed to give me a few minutes of undecided attention. Another thing is to have a few different props. Sometimes, if you give a kid something to sit on, or even to hold, it can help them to stay where they are and smile at the camera. Even if it is only for .3454 seconds! And lastly, have fun! It’s not the end of the world if you only get 10 good photos. Even 1 would do! There are even more pictures that turned out, too! I only photographed them for about 10 minutes, too! By this point, they know the drill. If they look and smile, we will be done faster. After that we ended up having a blast at the beach, and a picnic for dinner there as well. They both got ice cream for being so well-behaved, too!

Here are just a few favorites of our quick photography session. Enjoy!

Rochester Mi Children PhotographerRochester Mi Children PhotographerRochester Mi Children Photographer

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