When is the best time to book?

As soon as you are sure you want pictures, it is good to book. I can only do so many sessions in a week; so having a reserved spot will ensure you have pictures!

How are your pictures different from studio/department store?

I am a studio or on-location photographer. I have people come to my studio, or go to parks, roads, beautiful scenery, downtown, the beach… basically any location of your choice!

What should we wear?

It really depends on who you are and your style. You can either go for the jeans and colored shirts look; or the vibrant skirt with polka dot leggings and all those cool kinds of things. I love bright colorful outfits! Just nothing with characters and name brands. For us in Michigan, the ones blessed with 10 month winters, if we end up doing a fall or winter shoot, I like layers. It adds a sense of style and depth to the picture. (long and short sleeved shirts, leggings with skirts, vests, etc) Feel free to wear plaid or stripes; whatever you are comfortable in. Be you; because I want to capture you-not a Easter Service outfit you! For older babies, captivating patterns, cute onesies, a diaper with or without a cover, and sleepers work good.For families, outfits that compliment one another are good. Coordinating colors are better than clashing outfits any day! Remember, clash can bash the photo! With all that said, I do have examples of outfits, so upon the booking of the session, I will send the information on request. Any questions, feel free to email me! I look forward to meeting you and your family!